Topic: Return to the Cliffs

Jake Newbury looked at the calendar...Tim's birthday. Jake had lived alone ever since he ran away from home when he was 16. He had been a popular kid in high school, a starting forward on the varsity basketball team, junior class president, and the idol of his younger brother, Tim. Tim was a shy freshman who adored his brother and yearned to follow in his footsteps. But Jake was wrapped up in sports, school, and his new girlfriend, and didn't have time for Tim.

One sunny Saturday, Tim was sitting around the house as Jake left to go meet his friends at the beach. "Can I go?" Tim asked. Tim had been bugging Jake for the past month to take him with him, and Jake was sick of it. "If I take you, you better shut up after this."

Jake and Tim drove out to the beach and walked out to the cliffs, where Jake's friends were jumping off into the surf. "You better not jump off...I don 't want you to hurt yourself," Jake told Tim. "I won't hurt myself," Tim said as he climbed the cliffs to the highest point. "Hey, look at little Newbury," Jake's friend yelled. "Hey kid, you gonna jump?" Tim stood shivering on the cliffs as Jake's friends chanted "Jump, jump, jump." Tim closed his eyes as he jumped and crashed into the rocks below.

Jake could still remember Tim's limp body lying on the rocks, and every year on Tim's birthday, Jake visited the cliff where Tim jumped to his death. Jake dutifully got in his car and drove out to the coast. As he stepped out onto the beach and looked up towards the cliffs, Jake saw a faint image of a little boy standing out on the highest cliff. As Jake approached the cliffs, the little boy turned to him...