Topic: How to write a scary story?

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Write a story that keeps your readers' covers pulled tightly over their heads for the next few nights. Scary story ideas may include mysterious murderers seeking revenge or ghosts that haunt their victims to the point of madness. Take the ideas and add your own personal style and touches so the stories become your own.

Scary Mansion
Give your readers a thrill with the classic scary mansion. This is the locale for a

20-year reunion for college friends. The friends find the illusive Jill's looks curious, but having not seen her in nearly two decades, they shrug it off. Little do they realize that Jill is not Jill at all, rather, a former outsider who was often the butt of their fraternity and sorority pranks and snubbed by most of the group. It isn't until one of the frat brothers stumbles into a room in the mansion that contains a shrine to the real Jill, murdered shortly after graduation, that the truth is revealed. The question is whether or not it is too late to save himself and his friends.

Fright Night
Hold onto your seat as you steer a group of South Carolina high school seniors through a maze of nightmares from which only one will escape from alive - or does she? A favorite pastime for the bored students in rural Gaffney, South Carolina, is touring what is known as the "dead kids trail." First stop is the home of Felicia, who hung herself in her family's attic at the age of 15 in the 1980s. While the teens know the light that comes on as they drive by is triggered by a motion sensor, it adds excitement to otherwise boring weekend nights. It ceases to be a game when teens start disappearing amid rumors of Felicia showing up in the cars of the gawkers.

Dangerous School Grounds
Take your readers to a neglected area of town, inside the abandoned Beaver Dam Elementary School. Rumor has it that the school closed after a fourth-grade student was decapitated in a freak accident after riding down a slide. In the middle of the playground stood an old oak tree. It appeared to be far away enough so that no children would be hurt when reaching the end of the tall metal slide. Witnesses insist the girl was pushed by an unseen force. Will the curious kids from a nearby neighborhood make it out alive when they decide to try the slide on the anniversary of her death?

Wicked Mother-in-Law
Keep newlywed brides on edge with tales of this wicked mother-in-law. In this story, the new bride is taken aback by the constant changes her mother-in-law makes to her every attempt at homemaking, cooking and even social planning. Her husband seems oblivious and even pleased with his mother's overbearing direction. Things get too close for comfort when the mother-in-law starts changing the new bride's wardrobe, right down to her intimate apparel. Soon she discovers that she is one of many brides who have come and gone without a trace.