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Does having an Embed MP3 allow you to listen to a certain song when you look at a student's page?

If so, where do you begin to "program" your blog to allow this?

If not, what is it?

Re: Embed MP3

First, create a post. Think about what or why you would need an mp3 in that post: music is one, a dramatic reading, a narrative, any sound recording your readers may appreciate in union with your written post.

Decide where the mp3 content is on the net: if it is your original creation, uploading it to your blog has size and space limits. If it exists somewhere else, the url ending in mp3 is all that is needed.

Finally, Dashboard-->Options-->Audio Player has the check boxes to make the player appear automagically.


Re: Embed MP3

I need help with my MP3. I don't know how to get the ULR for the MP3. I also need to know how to place the ULR on my blog.

Re: Embed MP3

You have an mp3?


Re: Embed MP3

i need an MP3?? i didnt know that...