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The group said its crusade against outrageous toys for tots is rooted in sound research that shows kids benefit less from techno wizardry than they do from simple human attention — that is, quality and quantity time with parents and family.
Vinci Tablet ~$500
Vinci 2 year subscription ~ $198
Vinci "Smart Ant" Book ~ $9.99 each
Vinci "Chicken Dance Song ~ $1.99

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Offer VINCI to your child and turn every moment into fun and constructive play.

Little Albert experiment

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"I am T. Pain, and I approve this message"

What makes your list of most outrageous toys for tots this year?

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The worst toy on the market is the oozinator, it's a water gun that fires slime. This toy is for aged 2-12.

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the worst toy i think is a rubber band shooter

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I think one of the worst toys for tots is "The Baby Alive". Because I don't think that a baby should be able to actually will go to the bathroom and the kids have to change them

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I think this is the worst game for kids... it's disgusting! I don't quite understand what's so great about it.. it's just a  game where you squeeze the leash on this dog makes farting noises and slowly poops putty out! This toy goes for $30.99.

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There is plenty of outrageous toys being sold. There are many classification as to what actually is an outrageous toy. My pick of an outrageous being sold is a breast feeding doll for young girls. It is called either bebe gloton or the breast milk baby. The age rating on the doll is for teo years and older. THe doll sold at $89 comes with a bra with strategicly placed daises for the little girl to wear and when the doll's mouth is held up to them, he/she makes a loud suckling sound. This doll has created a lot of controvesy. Most moms view this as inappropriate and not for young children. I agree, little girls should not be breast feeding a doll, that is for grown women.

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I think the worst toy is a Victorian Playhouse that is priced at $23,400. It's like a life sized house for toddlers!!


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I think that the worst toys for tots is the kids smart phone. This toy is for 0-12 months. I think it is outrageous because it is teaching tots to use phones to occupy them at a young age. These kids are probably going to be the kids with cell phones at age 10 and attached to them.


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I acknowledge the fact that parents might be trying to expose their children to driving early... but lets be reasonable!

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Is It Safe?

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The worst toy for toddlers would be a amputee baby doll.


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