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Does anyone know what is required by Sader to set up the widgetbox?

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Google widgetbox.

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Here should be a step by step answer to your widget box questions:
1. Go to widgets on your blog and drag widgetbox # into your sidebar
2. Open a new tab and go to www.widgetbox.com
3. Register with a username and password
4. Find the widget you are looking for and click get widget, follow through with steps and then ignore the code. you may have to change the size of the widget to fit your blog sidebar.
5.Go to My widgetbox at the top of the page
6. Click Widget panels on the left hand side
7. "Make a new panel'
8. Drag the widget you wanted from your item pallette to your panel layout
9. Save panel
10. If it appears panel has not been installed in blue at the top of the page, click install now
11. Copy the Embed code
12. Paste into Word
13. Look for panelid="_______"
13. Copy the numbers and letters within the " "
14. Go back to your widgets on your blog
15. Click the small box on the right hand side of your widgetbox # box
16. Paste the numbered code into this box, exit, and Save changes
17. Check your blog to see if it worked.
18. Save Progress on widgetbox.com

Also if when you preview your widget, it is too big for your sidebar, adjust the height and width of it on widgetbox.com before you install it. Enjoy your widget!

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Anyone verify sberg's answer?