Topic: Lord of the Rings

This theme does not allow you to convert your post into full block. Also, if you put spaces between your paragraph, your paragraphs will always be indented. If you have no spaces between your paragraphs the first sentance will still be indented.

Re: Lord of the Rings

I'll give it a look.

I like the LOTF theme the way it is.

Most themes in our iblogs are full-block(more whitespace), fast readers comprehend more when looking at full-block formats.

However, left-justified(LOTF theme with less whitespace) allows a slower reader to read faster, but fast readers comprehend less. Go figure.

less whitespace in online writing
more, but not too much whitespace.

Re: Lord of the Rings

Anyway, the Lord of the Flies theme is supposed to look more like a book than a web page. Therefore a more traditional, albeit lesser, amount of whitespace is O.K.