Topic: Looking for a good book to read?

I've put together a list of etexts for high school readers on my site.

Each etext is a few kb, but doesn't look nice till you chop the long etext file into bits and post it to a blog. The process can be tedious, but I've learned a few tricks with cut'n paste/find'n replace. I use Gutenberg because the texts can be download and republished freely.

I've uploaded Jane Eyre, Brave New World, and Brothers Karamazov(notice the bizarre characters from the Smart quotes from Word . . .grrrr).

If you would like to turn an etext into it's own blog, let me know(extra credit anyone?). Add links, pictures, audio/video, . . . all kinds of "iblog-ibling" for your book.

A library of etexts, chosen and edited by students, is very doable.