Topic: Tag Cloud Widget Font

When I added the Tag Cloud Widget, I thought I would change the font to make it look more unigue. When I changed it to EM font and saved the changes,the font on my page jumped from my max. 12 or 14 to size 72 or 86.  The Pixel
(not sure) font also changed the size on my page form about 12 to 2 or 4 and unreadable. Is this a problem on anyone else's page?


Re: Tag Cloud Widget Font

I have the RockinQ greeen theme and my sizes don't change. When I change it to Pixel it goes super tiny and is underlined. Then when I got to Em it is very large and underlined. When i Pourcent it goes like -400. It's really super tiny. So i'm going to stick with Point because it dosen't take up my whole page and it not too small.

Re: Tag Cloud Widget Font

An em, is the width of the letter m. 2 em is twice the size of the usal em. 14 ems would be gigantic. If using em, decimals are normal: 0.8em-1.6em


Re: Tag Cloud Widget Font

The wsCorvette theme doesn't change the font of the tags even if the tag is used multiple time. The Car 1.0 theme seems to work better than the corvette theme for tags.