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Just something to notice,  I have the BlueSpace theme on my blog and when I add the tag cloud widget, the cloud looks more like a list rather than a cloud. Depending on the themes, there are likely more themes that do not change the font size of the tags that appear  most often, or put the cloud into one long list. A note to others: edit the widget to your preferences and check your theme to make sure it appears neat.


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On mine it says "format" on the Tag cloud. Change it to "Flat" (default). It makes it look more like a cloud.


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I checked the format. It is set at Flat which is default.


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I notice many of you are having problems with your tag clouds, the tags are all the same size. I know you guys are trying to make it so the tags you use most often are larger. Well I found that You may have not used any tag more than once so they wont be larger.  To check this go to manage-->tag--> then scroll down the list and look if there are any tags with 2 posts. If not then this is the reason you don't have larger words.


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The theme gemini plus does not work for a tag cloud because it displays the tags in bullets


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Yes, I also have the gemini plus theme and it does not go into a "cloud", it just stays in a list.
I tried to change it but it was on the flat (default).


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"darkwater" theme makes every thing in the tag cloud in one single column.