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Custom menus widget. My problem is that when i add friends then add side to side not underneath the last

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This theme has its own javascript to create the dropdown menu effect.

The problem is the theme names the classes of its own menus as "menu" but the custom menu widget also puts its menu items in a class called "menu". Both sets of menus need to have different CSS classes so the javascript does its magic and the sidebar html gets its proper list item css. (The menu widget system was added to wordpress in version 3 about two years ago, but the theme is well over two years old).

Fix: changed css class name from "menu" to "navmenu" in the stylesheet and renamed the corresponding menu items in theme's menu.php file.

Nothing else in the theme appears to be broken, so it may stick around for a while longer.


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Thank you for fixing it I thought I might have to change my design and I really liked this one.