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Topic: Movie Studies Grade 11

I would like to do a movie study on the movie The Birds by Alfred Hitchcock. movie studies opens our learning ability outside of our imagination.


Re: Movie Studies Grade 11

Movie studies can easily be taught to a class because the director can open a world of what ifs to all students and with some effects it can be an entertaining and meaningful learning experience.


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I would have to disagree with your insight to do a post on the movie The Birds. The reason for this is that I watched that movie and it was horrible. Like who is scared of a flock of birds and why did they start to go crazy and start attacking all the towns people. I would recommend choosing another movie to do a movie study on.


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The good thing about movie studies is its much easier to learn while watching a movie, than reading a book for instance at least for me, because I find my mind wonders if I read and often miss important events in the story. I'm not sure many people in our class have seen the movie so I would hold great interest and always look forward to what's next.

Re: Movie Studies Grade 11

Check out the screenplays by Andrew Niccol.

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