Topic: how to: EMBED A VIDEO.

For all of you who have no idea whatsoever on how to embed your video onto your blog post.

Try to follow these steps carefully, if you are still having a few troubles.
Come to me or Mr. Sader and ask how.
I'll go step by step to make it as easy as possible.

1. Go to the Plugins homepage which is listed under "My Accounts"

2. Look for the plugin which is called "Video Embed"

3. Also look for a plugin which is called "wordTube"

4. click ACTIVATE.

5. After this, click the "Manage" button right under your blog title/name.

6. At the section at the top where it says such things as "Posts, Pages, ..." Click "Media CENTER" not gallery. NOTE: This step might take a
bit longer to do. I tried to help Alex and
Daniel but the link wasn't available.

7. Click the link that says "Insert new Media File"

8. Make Jello tongue .....

9. Make sure you have the URL for the video that you want.

10. Fill in the necessary blanks.. NOTE: make sure to put your URL into the URL to MEDIA FILE.

After you have accomplished this.. Find the post that you want to put the video into

11. On your blog toolbar there will soon/hopefully be an icon that, when you hover overtop of it it says "Insert a flash video"

12. Select the appropriate file.

13. Move it to where you would want it to be.

I didn't notice the wordTube plugin was needed for this until later, i'm not sure if it is absoluetely necessary. But it wouldn't hurt to try and activate it.

Attn: Mr. Sader, if there are any typos or errors that I made in this thread, please make sure to check over. So that this can actually be done..

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I only use the plugin I wrote for embedding video: Video Embed. If video is appearing on your blog using the wordtube plugin, something was done correctly.


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After I helped a couple people today, you don't really need Media Center. wordTube has exactly what you need to add a video. So take that into account.


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This helped!! Thank you Ashlee smile


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Thanks so much Ashlee. It helped a bunch!


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Thanks Ashlee! But do I have to make you Jello?


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krochford wrote:

Thanks Ashlee! But do I have to make you Jello?

Hahah. No need too, it was just a joke.
But I'm sure if you made some for Mr. Sader
he'd be happy to have it. tongue