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I know how to embed an mp3 once I get one. But I can't seem to find a site that has a good song that is less than 2MB. Does anyone know a site that I could use?


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I could really use some help with this, please.

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Site? CBC.ca

Hint: mp3 A.K.A. podcast

Example 1
http://archives.cbc.ca/podcast/ - notice the orange xml:podcast button

Example 2
http://www.cbc.ca/podcasting/index.html -notice the orange RSS buttons

Clicking on any XML:Podcast (or RSS) button should switch Safari (version 3+) into RSS mode. It'll be easy to see the mp3 links.

Right click to copy the link ending in mp3.

http://podcast.cbc.ca/radio2/beethoven2 … -04-10.mp3

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BTW, searching the net for mp3 sites will likely lead to junk. Searching for podcasts may yield more useful links.


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Thanks. I have it done now. For anyone who is wondering how to, here is my version on how to do it. Note that you may have to do it a little different.

#1. Go to http://www.cbc.ca/podcasting/index.html and use those podcasts to find one that relate to what your post is about.
#2. Once you find one, click the orange RSS button beside the picture ( Note: may be in a different place for a different podcast)
#3. When you click this, it will convert everything to the simplest form. Look for a URL ( may be called enclosure URL) that ends in MP3. Copy this.
#4. Go to the iBlog site and under My Account click Plugins. Scroll down to find Audio Player plugin and activate.
#5. In the blue bar at the top of the page ( Your Name's Blog) on the right should be settings. Click that. Under the blue bar now should be a list of links ( general, writing, reading...) . Click the one that says Audio Player.
#6. In general options for audio player, there should be two boxes that you are able to check. Check the first one (there are many others you can add later, but just the first one in general for now) and click save changes.
#7. Go to the post you want to put it in and make sure you are in HTML.  Beside visual and HTML should be add media. Click the one that is add audio. Paste the URL you copied earlier in Audio File URL. Click insert to post and save the post.

This should work. If it doesn't, post a reply in here with your problem and I will try to answer.

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"LibriVox volunteers record chapters of books in the public domain and release the audio files back onto the net. Our goal is to make all public domain books available as free audio books."

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"~2,500,000 books at Project Gutenberg are downloaded each month"

Example: Romeo and Juliet by Wiliam Shakespeare


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Thanks for the extra choices, dsader.