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How do you embed a video on your post?

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1. Go to "My Account" and click "Plugins"

2. Look for the plugin which is called "Video Embed"

3. Also look for a plugin which is called "WordTube"

4. Then click ACTIVATE.

5. After this, click the "Manage" button right under your blog title/name.

6. At the section at the top where it says things like "Posts, Pages, ..." Click "Media CENTER" not gallery.

7. Click the link which says "Insert new Media File"

8. Make sure you have the URL for the video you are adding to your post.

9. Fill in the necessary blanks.. make sure to put your URL into the URL to MEDIA FILE.

After you have finished this.. Find the post that you want to put the video into

10. On your blog toolbar there will soon/hopefully be an icon that, when you go over top of it it says "Insert a flash video"

11. Select the correct file.

12. Move it to where you would like it to be.

Thank you aganton