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Topic: BBCode Tips and Help.

I've been hearing the question "What is a BBCode?" quite a bit in the past view days.
I've had a bit experience with this.. So I thought I'd help.

I'm sure the majority of you.. Once you see my examples will say to yourself "Oh! I've used this before!"
Because, the same codes are used on many websites that are popular.. Such as Nexopia.
BBCode is usually a simple version of html for bulletin board systems phpbb, inivision, etc.

Here are a few of the major tags that you will most likely be using..


It comes out as: Bold


It comes out as: Underline


It comes out as: Italic

[url=http://forum.stjschool.org/]STJ School Forum[/url]

It comes out as: STJ School Forum


It comes out as: http://forum.stjschool.org/





[quote=Ashlee]This is how to quote somebody[/quote]
Ashlee wrote:

This is how to quote somebody

..And so on and So forth.. These are probably the major codes you'll be using.. But if you have any other questions.. about Tags.. and BBCode just come and ask me.. Or Mr. Sader..Or anyone else who understands BBcode.


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Thanks Ashlee.

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Thank you so much Ashlee