Topic: As you are reading the first time ...

Consider the following questions:

1. After finishing Chapter 1(p. 16), give your reaction to the relationship that seems to exist between Lennie and George.
2. Tell what you think the ranch boss is going to be like.
3. When the pair meet the ranch boss for the first time, he is very suspicious of them. How does his reaction to the two friends, and George's fear that they are now being watched, make you feel? What problems do you think George and Lennie might have here?
4. Thinking about the incident that happened in Weed, what do you think is going to happen at the new ranch.
5. Give your first impressions of Curley's wife. What do you think she is really like?
6. Tell what you think of Carlson.
7. What are your feelings about Curley after Chapter 3.
8. End of Chapter 4: do you think Lennie and George have a choice to fulfill their dream?
9. After reading Chapter 4, do you feel that Crooks is treated unfairly by the other men in any way?
10. Record you feelings after Chapter 5. Did you expect that something like this would happen?
11. Write down how you feel upon finishing the novel. Do you think that George was right in doing what he did to Lennie?