Topic: Question 6

Several of the characters describe the life of a migrant farm worker as being typically lonely and solitary, with the workers travelling around from ranch to ranch by themselves. Because of this, some of the characters whom Lennie and George meet initially have difficulties understanding their unusual relationship and the loyalty that exists between them.

a. Describe a migrant worker's life as conveyed by George and the other men in these chapters (refer to lifestyle, social status, treatment as workers, interpersonal relationships, etc.).  How does Curley's wife's description compare to that of the other men?

b. Describe and compare how the following characters react to Lennie and George's friendship:
         • Slim
         • Curley's father
         • Crooks

c. Explain why you think each of these characters reacts as he does.

d. Why does George open up to Slim and tell the truth about his relationship with Lennie, but lie to the ranch boss? What insights into the life of the migrant worker does this behaviour give us?