Topic: Question 7

As George and Lennie reveal their dream to various other characters - Curley's wife, Crooks, and Candy - we discover that these characters have dreams and aspirations of their own. George and Lennie's enthusiasm inspires them to reveal their dreams.

a. Describe and compare the reactions of these characters when they first hear of the "dream ranch":
         • Candy
         • Crooks
         • Curley's wife

b. Explain why you think Curley's wife and Crooks are skeptical of the dream. DO they have good reason to feel so?

c. Describe the personal dreams of these three characters.

d. Why is Candy so interested in George and Lennie's plan and so willing to give them all his money to help buy the place?

e. Look over Candy's speech to the girl for indication of some of the opportunities that having a ranch would give the men; think also about the things the girl would give the men; think also about the things the girls would have if she ever got into show business. Find similarities between the dreams of these three  -Candy, Crooks, and Curle's wife - and George and Lennie's dream.

f. Name some of the general things that these people are searching for in their lives - the things that the achievement of their dreams would give them. To what extent are these the universal dreams of many human beings? Would these characters be better off not having them?