Topic: Question 14

There are several major social forces that interact and work against the main characters in the novel. By separating and pressing people with artificial barriers such as fear and social status, these forces deprive the characters of the love, companionship and dreams they need in order to live healthy and happy lives.

a. Describe the artificial barriers that exist between people in the novel as a result of the following:
     • the structure of the society
     • educational opportunities for the characters
     • money - the financial situations of the characters
     • racial and class prejudice

b. Illustrate, using evidence from the novel, how these social forces, and the barriers they create, affect the lives of the following characters in particular:
     • Curley's wife
     • Crooks
     • George and the other migrant workers

c. To what extent have the social inequalities (unfairness in the social system) in this story been eliminated in modern Canadian life?

d. What was your general feeling after reading the novel? Whom do you identify with most? Why? Are there any similarities between your life and the lives of the characters in the novel?