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time after time ch 2
I going on a camping trip with sam so I cant go I said. Things would be a lot easier if you just go to Evanston you know that right then just return back she'll never know. she said. I could but what if I get another speeding ticket. Brooke looks at me weird that i was doing the wrong call or something. How about the jeep that can totally work Brooke explains' to me. what are you gonna do with the jeep? I said. Well do you know my friend Kathryn? "yeah". awsome because she didint need her car for school so they rented a garage.  See im smart so you actually need me.  In a couple days they got packed up and put it in the jeep.

What I think is going on in this chapter is that this girl is lying to her parents and instead of camping she is going to Evanston with her friend Brooke. Now i maybe been in this postion before I went to places that my mom told to me to never go and sometimes I would get caught now for her and her friend Brooke their fine their leaving and not getting caught yet lol