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Topic: I Was Here Gayle Forman

Meg and Cody had been best friends for many years, Cody thought she knew everything about Meg but it turns out she barely knew her at all. This story begins in a very difficult way which is Meg's suicide letter that she emailed to Cody, her mom and dad, and the police station. There are many services done for Meg in the small town she grew up in but Cody does not attend many of them because she was asked by Megs mom to go to Megs room that she is staying in for collage and collect all Meg's things. This journey unearthed things that made Cody really start to wonder what the story was behind her best friend's death and why she chose to end her own life.

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Cody has been searching for a reason Meg might have done what she did and it leads her to a website that Meg is registered on. This website is for people who are thinking about ending their own lives and people give advice on how to write the note and other things like that. It is a very hard find for Cody because people are talking about it like it is no big deal.