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Topic: The Money Pit mystery- Eric Walters

This book is about two children, their mother, and their grandfather. So these kids hadn't seen their grandpa in like three years because their mom and him got in a fight and she never went back there after that. But now he has dementia or something so everything he does is a little bit weird and the mom feels really bad for not seeing him all that time. Beth is thirteen and she fights with her mom all the time because she is dating a sixteen year old boy named Brent. The story though, is told from the point of view from the youngest kid who is Sam. He is eleven and he is like one of the most sensible people but Beth is kind of an idiot. Like really an idiot. Sam and her had to go on a swim trip while their mother cleaned out their grandpa's house, but they ran into some kid named Buzz and Beth has a crush on him so she didn't let her brother tell him that she has a boyfriend already. Once they met up with him they went and got bikes from Buzz's garage and they were girl bikes and they went to the money pit even though Sam said they should just go swimming because their mom said that they should. The money pit has a giant wall around it, it is almost as great as Donald Trump's is going to be. They are going to climb under it so they can see the money pit. That's as far as I got, but it's a pretty cool book so far.

Re: The Money Pit mystery- Eric Walters

So they all made it under the wall, but then they were taken by some security guards that they thought were going to kill them and then their grandpa came and picked them up from there. When they got to main street they had to get out and get back in so that when the grandpa said that he picked them up on main street then he wasn't lying. When they got home to their grandpa's house, they showed him a magic trick and he told them a story about Captain Kidd who was the maker of the money pit. Captain Kidd was from Spain and he stole a whole bunch of gold and then he drove a ship to that island after they were attacked then he put the treasure into there and had his crew kill each other and then died I guess. Then he left.
When they woke up in the morning they found out that the grandpa hadn't paid any bills and was going to probably maybe go to jail if he didn't start paying. So they they might send him in a group home because he is insane.