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Topic: Forever summer

In my book, Ellie is excited for summer but her biggest fear comes true - her mother passes away. 
Ellie is only 12 years old and feels like her own life has ended and she does not know how to handle it.

Re: Forever summer

In the book, Lola was praying to God because she felt that no one believed or trusted her.  She turned to God to ask for forgiveness.  Praying to God has made me feel good.  Sometimes I pray when I need someone to talk to and I can't talk to anyone else.  I always know that I have a friend up in heaven.  Thank you, Lord!

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Re: Forever summer

In the book, Ellie was having a nightmare.  She was scared that the shark would kill her. When she woke up, she felt like her family did not like her. Her family was being bossy and making her do too many chores. Sometimes I feel like my family does not like me because we fight a lot. I have thought about moving out of my house. I would go to my brother that lives in Bonneyvile because I have friends up there too.