Topic: My Friend Flicka By Mary O'Hara

These book is one of the best books I ever read. Kenneth McLaughlin is a 10-year-old boy living on Goose Bar Ranch with his father Rob; his mother, Nell; a Rob is often unsatisfied with Ken, who daydreams when he should be attending to practical matters; Nell, however, shares her son's sensitive nature and is more sympathetic. Howard, the older son, who looks and acts more like Rob, was allowed to choose and train a colt from among the Goose Bar herd (thoroughbreds that Rob McLaughlin is raising in the old-fashioned way, on the open range), much to the jealousy of Ken. Although Ken loves horses, Rob doesn't think his wool-gathering son deserves such a privilege yet. Ken has his favorite thing to do is to go see his horse Flicka.