Topic: Is 13 Reasons Why sending out the wrong message?

13 Reasons Why is a show that really took off in a short period. It is a Netflix Show that teaches kids about suicide and bullying. This show is  13 episode long and season two is soon to come. The main star in this show is Katherine Langford who plays Hannah Baker. The other main star is Dylan Minnette who plays Clay.  It all started when Clay found Hannah Baker. Hannah was his first fake love. They weren't dating but he really loved her. Hannah was a quiet teenager who found life in adventure. She always wanted to go take an adventure. Hannah's first tape was about Justin( who is played by Brandon Flynn). He made Hannah feel special in a way that no one else did because this was Hannah's first crush. Justin took her to the park and took some inappropriate  photos of Hannah. After one thing led to another, the whole school had seen the pictures and that's what all caused it.  Finally clay wounded up into the picture. Hannah and Clay both got a job working at a movie theatre. One of the biggest quote that is blowing up on social media is "I cost a girl her life because I was afraid to love her"-Clay. Hannah finally gives in to suicide when the school councilor doesn't even care about her. Schools are sending out newsletters to parents saying their children shouldn't watch it