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Topic: Stephen King: Nightmare and Dreamscapes

In the last part of my book Clark went out to the car to get something while Mary sat in the dinner and ate the pie.  Some other dead famous singer came up behind her and was telling her about this cool rock and roll concert that was happening later.  She was kind of weird out because she thought he had some creepy vibe from him.  After he had said that she bolted to the door scared out of her life and headed for the car where Clark was.  The waitress and the singer came running after them and they tried to grab her.  Mary successfully got into the car with only a little scratch to her shoulder.  Clark started the engine and drove to main street to get out of the odd town.  But then a huge school bus bigger then a normal one came rushing out from one of the roads.  The bus stopped them and their car came to a screeching halt.  Then a police cruiser came flying down the road behind them and blocked them in.  Clark said to Mary their only chance of survival was to run.  They got out of the car when they did a taller man came out of the police cruiser.  When he came  out he said to them "Whats the big rush?" in a strange kind of country accent.  Clark knew that voice anywhere so did Mary, it was the one the only dead Elvis Presley.  He told them to stay for the concert because it was gonna be the best they have ever been to.  It would be loud, crazy, and fun.  He also said it would go on for hours and then even after that even longer for hours.  On stage there were 5 sets of drums and 18 mike stands. After he had said that he got on stage and started playing an old  famous song, along with other famous dead singers like he Lizard King.