Topic: The Rescue: Nicholas Sparks

I've read a bit more of the book the rescue by Nicholas Sparks. A lot has happened. Taylor (the fireman) found Kyle hiding behind a duck blind. When Kyle saw Taylor he jumped into his arms and would not let go until they got to the hospital. Right then they formed a bond between them. Denise and Kyle we're both fine from the accident and recovered perfectly well. Denise had lost her car so everywhere they went they biked. One day after they got out of the hospital, Denise and her son went to get some food from the store. There stood Taylor at the front door walking into the store. Kyle noticed who it was and went running into his arms. That's when Taylor and Denise first connected. He offered to drive them home with the groceries but Denise said she was fine but instead he took her groceries to her house and they biked.