Topic: The Rescue: Nicholas Sparks

I've read more of the book the rescue: by Nicholas Sparks. So far Judy (Taylor's mom) asked Denise if she and Kyle wanted to come to a festival happening downtown in Edonten. Denise thought about it and she decided to go for a bit. Taylor was playing on a baseball team to raise money so her and Kyle watched the teams with Judy. Kyle again had saw Taylor and Kyle was very happy. Taylor offered to drive Denise home and this time she accepted. They connected more and more throughout the book and started dating. Taylor had so much on his mind with what happened to his dad when he was little that they ended  up breaking up. At the end their was a big fire in a paint store and Taylor rushed in to help since he was part of the fire department. He went in to go rescue two people that were stuck in there but the smoke was so bad he could only rescue one. It turned out that the friend he didn't rescue was his best friend Mitch. Taylor felt really bad that he went and talked to Denise. In the very end of the book, they ended up getting back together, got married, he adopted Kyle as his kid and Taylor and Denise had a son of their own named Mitch. That's the end of the book.