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Topic: The Rule Of Three: Will To Survive

The book starts from where the last one left off, Adam had just shot the two guys holding him hostage. His family and a group of guards approach him, guns drawn. As he recovers from what just happened he see his family and runs towards them he falls into their hands crying, they start to cry with him. After he explains briefly what happens he remembers how they said they had killed herb he runs off towards herbs house. Smashing through the door he runs upstairs and into herb’s bedroom where he sees a blanket covering what seems to be him, the blanket was covered in bullet holes. He falls to the floor but before he could cry a voice came from behind him, it was herb still alive and fine.

Re: The Rule Of Three: Will To Survive

After he had to be practically carried down the stairs of herbs house they went back to Adams house. Adam and Herb sitting at the table drinking coffee, Herb told Adam how he had been sleeping in a secret bulletproof room the last few nights because he had been having troubles falling asleep in his own bed.