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I chose to read a new book because it has caught my eye the past few days and I believe I will be highly attentive toward this novel. A couple years ago I watched this movie but in all honest I deeply think the book with go into far more detail. So far i have only read up to page 25 and they were introducing the main characters and the setting and giving you some background knowledge about this story before going straight in. Bethany Hamilton is the author of the book and also the main character because this is a non fiction and she is explaining what she went through and her career in surfing. This story takes place in Kauai when Bethany was a child growing through her teenage years. Bethany's father always use to go surfing when he was a kid, even when it was freezing and snowy outside he would rip to his friends house, grab a surfboard and get into the water. I haven't read past this yet but I am eager to hear more about Bethany and her journey in the sea.

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As i continue reading, I found out that Bethany's best friend Alannah loves surfing just as much as Bethany does. Later on in the book, Alannah and Bethany get an invite to go night surfing with some of their other pals. Bethany's would not want her going out in the water that late at night because they would most likely be worried of what dangerous acts might happen, yet they did not know she would be going. Bethany and Alannah had a sleepover at Bethany's and decided to sneak out and meet up with their friend Keoke who then took them to the beach. They had bundles of fun listening to their favorite tunes, lighting up the dark with colorful glow sticks and as an outstanding finish, fireworks lit up the night sky. They returned home after a long while at the beach. Early the next morning, the girls were very tired and it was unusual for them to wake up that late. Somehow bethany's mom had found out where they had been and discussed this with the girls. Bethany ended up spilling and explaining why they decided to sneak out and apologized for the entire occurrence. While her mom forgave them and decided to let it slip, Alannah's family pulled in the driveway ready and eager to go for another surfing trip with the girls. Excitement filled them as they grabbed their boards and hopped in the vehicle. This is how far I got in the book and so far it has been splendid, she has done a very good job with catching the reader eye leaving them wanting more.

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I read a few more pages at home and this story now takes us to when the tragic moment hit. Laying in the water, Bethany awaited for a big wave to come so she could ride it but sneakily and suddenly and had been attacked by a shark. The shark had popped out of the water and jumped at her arm causing her to loose a lot of blood. Her father rushed to the water to go get Bethany and take her into shore while her younger brother dialed 911 as a call for help. Her brother then informed his mom about what happened as her dad began to wrap his swim shirt around her arm to resist the flow of blood and keep her breathing before they starting heading to the hospital to seek medical attention. As the reader, the author has my attention completely and I can't wait to see what happens next.