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It took Mia a while to recover from her car crash and the lose of her parents and brother but she pulled through. Mia had to get a skin graft and metal rod on her leg. After she got that done 2 weeks later she was out of the hospital and in rehab so she can walk again and build her strength back. Mia's neurologist said it will take awhile for her to now what the word is when she thinks of what she wants to say. She got accepted to Julliard and after she opened the letter she was back playing the cello and herself again. Her upper body strength increased.

Mia left the day after labor day to Julliard, Adam drove her to the airport and said there goodbyes they kissed. Once she walked through the security check it was the last Adam saw of her or heard until now.

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Mia comes and watches Adams concert. Ater the concert she goes backstage to wait for Adam. When he gets backstage he just wants to run up to Mia grab her and kiss her, but he can not cause he has a girlfriend and with him being famous everyone would find out and he would get a bad image. I feel that he should've kissed her. He loves her and will always love her.

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Adam started to date Mia when he was in grade 12 going on to college. Three months into Adam going to college he dropped out for the band which when he looks back he wishes he didn't drop out but then again he's happy he did. He's happy he did cause the band is so famous.

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Months later, Mia comes to see Adam finish his last tour. He brings her to dinner with his bandmates. Once they see her, they understand why Adam is quitting the band and are happy for both Mia and Adam. Mia watches backstage during Adam’s very last concert. After his final song, he comes backstage and sings the song to her, signaling the end of his old career and the beginning of their new relationship.