Topic: Ever After High: A Wonderlandiful World - Shannon Hale

Lizzie and Madeline encounter strange cards down once in the school, they were not playing cards but greeting cards. Once they get to the castleteria the tables and chairs are all huddled in one great big pile. In order to make it out of there without being noticed by the Jabberwock, Lizzie order the funiture to make a maze. The girls come across a strange writing on a wall, which is repetitive. Obeying the writing, Lizzie and Madeline pace on with their eyes closed. From their last visit which wasn't long ago, Lizzie and Madeline find that the library has expanded in its height rather than its width, meaning that it would be a harder time for finding their needed book. Saving the trouble, Lizzie shouts at the books and they find the one that they need. As soon as they acquire the book, they head back to the Grove.