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States and cities have some weird laws, but with good reason. In California, bicycles are not allowed in swimming pools. In South Carolina, it is against the law to catch fish using dynamite. These laws sound bizarre, but they are real. A photographer named Olivia Locher wanted to highlight some strange laws that America has put in place. Locher began her project about 4 years ago. She had the idea of this when she heard of the "Alabama Law' (not allowed to put an ice cream cone). She wanted to come up with at least one odd law from each state. You may be thinking why would you not be able to have an ice cream cone in your back pocket. Well back in the day thieves would put treats and ice cream cones in their back pocket to attract horses. They would then lead them to their homes and say they didn't steal them they would say they followed them.

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Our smartphone obsession has come to a new low. Honolulu is fed up with people walking around and bumping into people with their eyes glued to their device.This Hawaiian city has resulted in fining people up to 99$ for walking in public with their heads down looking at their phone. The new laws give police officers the ability to fine someone 35$ for their 1st offense, 75$ for the 2nd, and 99$ for the third