Topic: Untamed P.C Cast

I'm still reading the same book from our last book talk. Carrying on from where I stopped, right now a very old vampire that can never die named Kalona is being broke out of his jail that he is kept in. Kalona is also the most powerful vampire ever, he wants to get Zoey but shes not to why he wants her. In all of Zoey's dreams Kalona is in it and he keeps calling her A-ya. Kalona in her dreams told her that she looks just like his last love A-ya and that's why he calls her that. He keeps trying to get to Zoey by hurting the people she loves, he just sent one of his raven mockers Zoey calls them. Raven mockers are have human have raven, so he got on of them to fly into Zoey's grandma's car. Her grandmother is in coma but is getting better. Neferet is the one who is freeing Kalona out of his cell. I think Zoey should start to worry that the world might end when Kalona is free and stop getting stressed about boys because she is still having trouble with them, but her and Erika re getting closer and I think they are going to get back together.