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I read about the eight people killed in a motorist attack in NYC. It's a very sad story to read. I have heard about it already but its harder to read it. The truck was driving in a bike lane when it ran over eight people killing them, and leaving eleven more injury. The mad drive came to a stop after it hit a bus. That injured two adults and two children. A note was found saying he had done it in the name of ISIS.

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A story about a rare birth defect gave a high school boy a gift, a perfect curveball. The pitch is almost impossible to hit. He has a condition called Proteus Syndrome. This cause an over growth of bones, skin, and other tissues. Organs are out of proportion to the other organs. The boy wants to be a pitcher so he spent his time working on his pitches. It was difficult for him as he has 3 over grown fingers on each hand. They are each about six feet long and the width of an extra wide thumb. His fingers wrap around the ball causing him to pitch a slower ball than most in the league. But, if he adds extra pressure to the ball, he creates a curveball. This curveball is almost impossible to hit because it is appearing straight, but just before the plate it curves. The ball hits the bottom corner of the batters ankles. This causes the batter to swing and miss.
The high school boy is going to attend Christopher Newport where he is going to become an elementary teacher. A man who pitched at Newport told the coaches to bring him to practice because of his skill.