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This book is called The Finisher by David Baldacci, and it's quite interesting. Although this book has a really weird words. It's like a whole new vocabulary where silvers mean minutes, wugmorts or wugs for short (those are the people), and a bunch of references to their world in the book. The main character is Vega, she is a girl, she has brown hair, and she works in a places called The Stacks. She has many friends, lots of people like her, she has a brother named John, and her parents are sick. Also she spends a lot of time in her tree which she prefers more than the houses that they build in Wormwood. So, if you can tell by reading it there's a place called the Quag and every wug is afraid of it and the monsters that live in the Quag don't go into Wormwood for an unknown reason. Another reason why they are all scared of the Quag is because anyone that goes into the Quag doesn't come back.

Re: The Finisher

Vega's friend and mentor Quentin helps her work in The Stacks and they work on a lot of projects together. All the wugs that work there have to make everything on a list, and then whatever else they make they can keep and sell for extra cash or just to furnish their house with. In the start of the book Vega hears a scream from her tree, and so she goes to check it out. She just finds some of the council members running around outside chasing someone or something. She lets it off and she goes off to The Stacks, to work. When she gets there she works with Quentin and they make a lot of items. He teaches her all about being a finisher, all of the crafty work. Vega finishes work for the day, and she goes to her brother, John to go to the Care. They go every day even though everyone else thinks it's useless. They think that because everyone that goes there doesn't get better, they just stay in their condition like a coma.