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I have just started the book "trafficked", I have learned, that the main character "Sophie Hayes" had a awful childhood. Her farther was abusive towards her and her other four siblings. Each and everyone of the children are a mistake, from the farther. The farther would abusive all the siblings, but especially the oldest son. At the sons 18th birthday party, the farther gave a speech about how worthless, the son was.

This is when the mother had left the husband and got the rights to all of the kids. The farther never seen them again, this really hurt Sophie emotionally because she accepted that she was not loved by her farther, and this made it hard to love other people or even trust them. This is what I know so far, hoping more and more goes on.

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Sophie had now met a guy named Erin, who she trusted very much. She moved away to Italy, she was getting calls from her best friend Kas. He had been her best friend for four years, and they both trusted each other. Kas had been calling Sophie lots lately wondering if she still loved him, she never answered the phone, but after weeks and weeks of voice mails, she finally got on a plane and went back to England, to see Kas.

Kas had asked her "do you love me" and she said yes. This is where Kas started telling, Sophie about his debt. He owed hundred thousand Euros to a bartender named Mario. He kept saying that, she needed to prove that she loved him, by staying in England and working on the streets to get the money all paid up.

At this point I'm not sure on what happens next!

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Sophie has now started working on the streets, she waits on the corner and when someone stops, she gets in their truck and they go to a spot. Kas is abusing Sophie, he is making her where a short black skirt, with a crop top and knee high boots. Every time that Sophie does something wrong in his eyes, he chokes her until she is almost dead. The one time she had passes out from this and he blamed her for it, and how she scared him so bad.

Kas would beat her, kick her and make her eat food. She was a girl who, never could eat a lot of food, she would throw up after every time she ate with Kas. Sophie blames herself, for how her life is, she still thinks Kas loves, because he keep saying that, but he also swears at her, to no end.

Sophie is scared and frighted to no end right now, she needs to get out of there.

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She has got the hang of the job, but that does, not mean she likes it. Kas gets upset with her so often because she never makes enough money. The poor girl is really in a bad spot and does not understand why, this had to happen to here or why boys want to do this to a young women. This book is really getting to awareness with selling people on the streets. She is trying to stay strong and getting this task over with. Kas got really upset over, Sophie not making enough money so he took her down to a river and told her that he could take her down here and kill her and put her into the river.

She wants to get through this tough time, and find away out.

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She has been away from home for a long time now. She wants to find a way out of the terrible mess she is in. Many of the people want her, give her lots of money. Now Kas has started selling cocaine, if he gets caught Sophie will be the one who gets in trouble. Their has been many times where she has almost been caught. The first time, Kas was beating her up for rapping the cocaine up wrong and then the police showed up. Kas told her to go and hide it somewhere in the bathroom, and she does not come out until, he gets the police to leave.

How would you feel? A young women having cocaine, who use to have an amazing job, with a awesome family. She wears really ugly outfits, that Kas picks out for her. Everyday is getting to be a routine. Kas will be a bad mood and scream at her or he will some days be in a good mood, and say that  he loves her.  She will find a way out of this.

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Now that Sophie, it getting along with Kas, she is still thinking about escaping. One story, that she shared was when a two guys showed up at her part of the street. She could only do one at a time, so the other one stayed at the street, and they went off. When they went to the spot, he did not want, what she thought he wanted. He just told her that he wanted her to come to their house for a visit. She had went their, thinking why not. They offered her a drink and all her troubles started to go away, but later they took her back, and she wondered why? Why did they take her their and bring her back?

As Sophie wondered that I had wondered the same thing. What is the author trying to get across, to me? This is a twist in the story, that I would have never expected. It had caught me by surprise, and it really made the reading that much more interesting, towards me.

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I still have not figured out why, Sophie went to the peoples house? I'm trying to figure out why, but its really confusing. I think, that I am on the correct track to figuring it out because now Kas is accusing her of stealing the money. I think that the people who took her, to their house, seen where she was keeping the money and went and took it. Sophie, tried to find it again, but it never happened. She was getting beat more and more by Kas, so the one day she worked till 6am, to earn the money that got stolen from her. She would always keep a rough count in her head, to see how much longer she had to work. She wants to get back to her family, and find someone who really loved her. She is tired of being sold on the streets.   

I'm trying to keep you up to date on what is happening and where the money is going.

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Sophie is getting closer toward her family, because she got evicted from her spot on the street by the police. She showed Kas the letter and he said "so". He decided that Sophie could finish her work in France, from now on. She was tired and she has not slept in thirty hours. They drove all through the night, and Kas told her that she had to go to work right away. France was like going back to square one, when she first was in Italy, she has to figure everything out again.

Kas is going out of town for a few days, and she is by herself. What will she do?

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Now that Kas, has left town, for a few days, Sophie is left on her own. When Sophie went to her spot, she seen someone pull up at got into the vehicle like usual. Then their was all of a sudden, their was a shooting. The driver pined it and they went to the spot they were suppose to. He paid her, even though she was traumatized. Sophie did not want to go back to her spot, but she knew that Kas would abusive, her if she did not have enough money. The next day, the shooter came back, and the same driver came to help her and paid her again.

I don;t understand what happens, but after I keep reading I hopefully will.

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Sophie has been staked by this girl named Scary Sue. This girl wanted to kill Sophie, for being on her part of France. Sophie would try and avoid her, but she would chase, her then a truck showed up and he wanted to hurt her. Sophie had told him the price, but then figured out he was Russian, which Kas had told her she was not aloud to get with. When he went to get money she made a run for it, and ran back to the hotel. Kas had returned and Sophie knew she had to tell him what happened. Of course Kas blamed Sophie for everything, and abused her again. He said they were going back to Italy before she ruins, the rest of his plan. She had one night left in France, and while, she was working a guy came by and said he would buy her new clothing and take her to a salon. She had to disagree, because Kas would find out. They went back and she felt worse day by day, she was skinny, and it as hurting with guys now.

Finally she went to the hospital one morning, and she passed out right in the doorway. When she woke up their was a nurse, standing their, and said she had to stay in the hospital for a few days. She decided to phone her mother and tell her what was going on. She phoned Kas, and he came, to see her, and said not to tell anyone about this, and in a few days, he would make sure she was out of the hospital. Her mother where on their way to get her, and she told her mom everything that happened, and how abusive he was to her.  Their was no planes available, so they drove, and Kas said he would be their in a few minutes. Sophie's mom was 5 minutes away, and she did not know what would happen.   

This is really exciting and I hope Sophie gets to go home, and get her life back in order. I will see what happens, really soon.

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Sophie had went home, and Kas was arrested for the use of cocaine, but not assault against Sophie, because she would not press charges. She thinks Kas will come after her, and kill her and her family. She has not been talking about what happened, to her for a few months after she got home, but then her mother got her a counseling session, with a guy named Robin. She had kept getting emails, text messages and phone calls from Kas. She has made 4 new accounts since she got home, and Kas has hacked everyone. He got out of jail after about 8 months, and then came to find Sophie, she kept telling Robin, that he was here, but she said he would not risk coming into the country, to get arrested. He showed up and now we can see what will happen, will Sophie go back?