Topic: A Series of Unfortunate Events *The Bad Beginning*- Lemony Snicket

There are 3 Baudelaire kids and their names are Violet, Klaus, and Sunny. Violet is 14 and enjoys skipping rocks down by the river and also dreaming of things she could invent one day. Klaus enjoys reading a good book while enjoying looking at the river. Sunny is just a tiny little baby who enjoys biting anything and everything he can get a grasp on. These kids are always acquainted with their longtime family friend, Mr. Poe. Mr. Poe is a banker who constantly coughs but he always tries to hold back in front of the kids. This reminds me of how my Dad coughs so constantly. Mr. Poe comes baring horrific news to the children. Their parents had just died in a house fire at their old house. How will these kids take the news?

Re: A Series of Unfortunate Events *The Bad Beginning*- Lemony Snicket

These kids are in absolute shock when they hear the horrific news from Mr. Poe. Mr. Poe insisted on staying with the kids for a few days until they got everything figured out. The kids are looking at a lot of fortune from their parents because they had a huge mansion with tons of antiques inside. What else can three newly rich orphans do? They head off with Mr. Poe. Things are not so great when they get to Mr. Poe's place. Not only do the kids miss their parents and their home, they aren't having much luck sharing a room with Mr. Poe's two sons, Edgar and Albert. How will the Baudelaires interact with the other kids?