Topic: Ever After High: Unfairest of Them All - Shannon Hale

After all of the students came back from Yester Day, a holiday where they go to learn about troubles and doubts they are having, Apple and Raven sat in their room. Some chitchat about how Raven not following her destiny is eviler than her mom, which is exactly what she didn't want to do. Cerise dashed into the room about trouble in the Treasury Room, the room they keep all important artifacts about each and every fairytale, the three girls charged there to see hat the curfuffle was all about. As they reached the door Sparrow Hood, son of Robin Hood, and his Merry Men, son of the Merry Men, were in there touching and taking things. They were going on about if Raven didn't have to follow the script they didn't have to either. In the midst of trying to stop them everyone (with the help of Kitty Cheshire) starting playing with things saying they can be anything they want.