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Cesar Chavez
Cesar Chavez was a leader. He fought for Immigrants rights. He didn't agree with the disrespect against them. In the 20th century many american born people, believed immigrants didn't deserve the same rights. In 1927 Cesar was born near Yuma, Arizona. Cesar was an immigrant, and his first accouter with injustice was in 1938. His family then moved away to work on avocado farms in California. When he was in grade 8 he was discriminated against. He graduated from grade 8, but didn't attend high school. He then became full time, as working as a migrant worker. In 1946 he served 2 years in the military. He takes action in 1962, and focuses on voter registration, and migrant education. He encourages non-violent protests. After many years of fighting for the immigrants rights, he passes away near Yuma in 1993.

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Question: The passage tells us that Saturn's rings "have no real purpose. At least, scientists assume the rings have no use." Write an explanation where you explain the real purpose for Saturn's rings. Your answer can be as serious or as silly as you would like.

Answer: When Scientists think there is no real reason for these rings, I would disagree. People often say "there is a reason for everything," or "everything happens for a reason." In this case I would say that applies. There must be a reason that there are these rings. It surely can't be to amuse children. God didn't create rings because he thought "Whenever kids thing of planets, the first to come to mind will be Saturn." It has to be a coincidence that most children think of Saturn when told to draw a planet. Maybe there is life on Saturn that hasn't been discovered. There is a possibility. These unknown creatures could have a use for these rings, but personally I don't think that's it. I think the rings have a certain affect on Saturn's climate. I am not sure if that is true, but its a guess. Surely I think there is an explanation, weather I am correct or not, hopefully we will find out.