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I have begun reading the famous book, It, by Stephen King.  It begins with a boy named George Denbrough, and his older brother William, but commonly known as stuttering Bill.  Bill was sick with influenza on the day Georgie died.  It had been many days of heavy rain, and George got his older brother Bill to help him build a paper boat.  It sights multiple occasions of how George feared monsters, creepy locations like the cellar beneath his house, and even the dark.  While following his paper boat that his brother had specially made and waterproofed for him, down the current of water in the corner of Jackson Street.  When the book fell into a sewer drain, which clearly upset Georgie, who exclaimed, "Bill's going to kill me".  This is where the author introduces the monster, Pennywise, the dancing clown.

Re: It

After the mutilatation and murder of Georgie by this mysterious clown, the next year during the local fair in Derry, a man in the gay community was murdered.  His name was Adrian Mellon.  After reading this book for a while, you start to notice that Derry is a very homophobic town, so Adrian, and his boyfriend Don Haggerty, were basically outcasts.  In the interrogation room, three local homophobic bullies were being accused of the murder, of beating Adrian, and then throwing him into the river.  They admitted to beating Adrian after he had beat the three of them in a battle of wits, and also a stupid carnival game, but they denied killing him.  All three boys, and even Don Haggarty said that they didn’t;t kill Adrian, but that someone dressed up like a clown in a grey jumpsuit took Adrian from the river and looked as if he was eating him.  The three boys were charged with murder and the clown was not mentioned in any trial, and blown off as if they were all high when the event took place.

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Stanley Uris was the first of the group to be called upon by Mike Hanlon.  He was so upset and school by the call that he went to his bathroom and committed suicide with a razor blade, and in his own blood wrote the word, “It” on the wall beside the bath tub.  Next was the once short, overweight kid named Ben Hanscom who grew up to be a highly successful and well known architect who slimmed out a grew tall.  Next was Eddie the fine boy who’s potential was only limited by his overprotective and over nurturing mother.  He had bad asthma but his mother used that as an excuse to keep him from sports, gym class, and any activity that there could be the potential of Eddie receiving a bump or bruise.  After his mother died and Eddie grew into a man, he married a woman almost identical to his mother, physically, and emotionally.  She made him take many vitamins and nutrients, and pills to protect him from ever getting sick, and it broke her heart when Eddie told her he had to go to Derry, without her, and potentially leave her forever.