Topic: Heaven Is For Real

Todd Burpo and his family went to the Butterfly Pavilion in Denver, Colorado for family fun. They had been hit hard with many illnesses over the course of seven months. A shattered leg, two surgeries, and a cancer scare had drained heir bank account. Todd is a paster with a small wage, but also sets up garage doors for more money. He was playing baseball with his team. Todd slide into third base and crack went the sound of his leg as it broke in four pieces. Kidney stones were the next to follow while he was still on his crutches. Once Todd had slammed his finger in a tailgate and cut the tip off. He thought that cutting his finger off or even breaking his leg hadn't have hard as bad. After Todd and the family thought it can't get worse, he got breast cancer. Things finally started to heal and God had blessed him with a miracle that the breast cancer scare was gone.

Re: Heaven Is For Real

Colton had gotten sick with what they thought was the stomach flu. They took him to the doctor after constantly throwing up for a couple days. The doctor’s in Imperial said that an appendix issue was not the answer. After being in the hospital for five days straight, not getting better, the Burpo’s took Colton to the Great Plains Regional Medical Centre in North Platte.  Before his CT scans, they doctors wanted a drink to go in his stomach to make the images have better visibility. Colton tried a sip and puked it back up. After an hour of fighting with Colton, the doctors said they were just gonna try their best to read the scans. The scans showed a very large rupture of his appendix.  Emergency surgery was required because all of his burst appendix had been floating around in his stomach for five days. The face of death that swept over their sons face the past couple days made sense to Todd.