Topic: Wonder: R.J. Palacio

The principal, Mr Tushman did ask Jack to befriend August at the beginning of the school year. At first, Jack was reluctant to agree. After getting to know August personally, Jack realizes that August is the best friend he would have chosen for himself anyway. So when August stops hanging out with him, he wonders why. Although Jack enjoys his increased popularity, he doesn't really like Julian and his crowd. He doesn't fit in because their families are much wealthier than his, and his grades dropped without August there to help him. In science class, the teacher assigns a project for the upcoming science fair, and Jack imagines his face screaming on the inside. Suddenly, he remembers Summer's hint (Bleeding Scream) and realizes that August is mad at him because of what he said on Halloween. After class, Julian calls August a freak so Jack punches Julian in the mouth and knocks out a tooth. Since there are just a few days before the Christmas holidays, Jack is suspended until January. A flurry of emails are sent, and Julian's parents express their concern that perhaps August shouldn't in school and that it was too much pressure to expect Jack and Julian to befriend August back in the beginning. Mr. Tushman and Jack's parents disagree with Julian's parents. Jack apologizes for what he said on Halloween. August asked if Jack really punched Julian, in which August accepts his apology, and the two boys become better friends than ever.