Topic: Wonder: R.J. Palacio

In January, Charlotte tells Jack that the entire fifth-grade male population is at war. It's Jack and August versus Julian and his two sidekicks, Miles and Henry. Most of the boys are on Julian's side, but there are a handful of neutral boys. Jack learns for the first time what it's like for people to treat him as if he doesn't exist. Julian puts mean notes in Jack's and August's lockers, except they don’t get mad instead they respond by putting fake love notes in his locker. At August's house Jack and August worked on their science project. Both boys got to meet Via's new boyfriend, Justin. They both think his fiddle case looks like it might hold a machine gun, and they think it's funny that he plays in a Louisiana-style band when he's from Brooklyn not Louisiana. On his way home, Justin sees Julian and his friends making fun of Jack. Jack tells Justin about the war between the boys in his class. After Jack leaves, Justin holds his fiddle case menacingly like a machine gun and tells Julian not to mess with Jack or he and his friends will be sorry that they ever messed with him.