Topic: Wonder: R.J. Palacio

The tricks Julian plays on Jack become even meaner, and the fifth-graders start becoming tired of the war. Some of the classmates leave Julian’s side. Amos, one of Julian's friends, stops Julian from emptying his pencil shavings into Jack's backpack. When Julian spreads a rumor that Jack has hired a hitman to get him, people start laughing at Julian behind his back. By springtime, Julian only had Miles and Henry on his side. More of their classmates were being nice to Jack and August. They don't even tease August or Jack about anything. August has started wearing hearing aids and no one has teased him about them. At home, Via and August are fighting because Via didn't want to tell August about the school play, in which Justin and Miranda are starring in. In the play, Via is Miranda's understudy. When August finds out that Via is an understudy, Via wants to invite him, but her parents are trying to respect her feelings by not inviting him. Later on, their dog, Daisy, must be euthanized because she is old and sick. A few days later, Via brings home three tickets to the play so her family can come and watch.