Topic: Wonder: R.J. Palacio

At the end of the year, the entire fifth grade goes on a three-day nature retreat. At first, August is nervous about being away from home overnight, but when he learns that Julian opted out of the trip because he thought it was dorky, August is overjoyed. He has the time of his life until the second night of the trip, when the fifth-grade students watch an outdoor movie on the fairgrounds with students from several other schools. Midway through The Sound of Music, Jack and August have to use the restroom. Instead of waiting in the long lineup for the toilets, they go quietly in the woods, as do Amos, Miles and Henry. On their way back to the movie, they run into a group of seventh-grade students from another school, who start making fun of August. They push Jack to the ground and yank August's hoodie so he falls flat on his back. Amos, Miles and Henry stand up for Jack and August, pushing the seventh-graders out of the way so Jack and August can escape into the cornfields that surround the fairgrounds. August's sweatshirt is torn and his elbow is bleeding. When he realizes that his hearing aids are gone, August can't help but cry. The other boys pat him on the back and Amos lets him cry on his shoulder. August finally realizes what his dad meant when he talked about leading a lamb to the slaughter.