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Topic: Thirteen Reasons Why

A shoe box package is mailed to Clay Jensen. The box contains seven loose audiotapes. A dark blue number is written in the right upper corner of the tape. One number on the front another on the back. The audiotapes are from a girl named Hannah Baker. Justin is on the first tape, and first on her list. Hannah had just moved to town when she met Justin. Justin and her only friend at the time (also next door neighbor) were “accidentally” bumping into each other in the halls the year before Hannah came to town. Kat moved away during the summer; she left behind her new boyfriend. Hannah decided to try to date him. It was successful and lasted a month or so. Rumors were then made up about her and Justin while they dated during the summer. Everyone believed them because she was new and mysterious; no one knew anything about her. These rumors were lies however.

Re: Thirteen Reasons Why

Alex Standall is number two on the tapes. He made a list of the prettiest and ugliest girls in the freshmen class. A girl named Jessica Davis, who was extremely pretty- more than Hannah- according to Hannah, was on the ugly side.  Alex had changed Hannah from the moment he put her name on the list in history class. Since a false reputation had been built for her, putting Hannah Baker in the opposite column of Jessica was perfect. Hannah wants revenge on Alex for what he did to her. She made the tapes about the repercussions of his actions. The things Alex shouldn’t and couldn’t have planned. Alex had grabbed Hannah’s butt in a candy shop. He proceeded to tell her he was joking and that she should relax.