Topic: Readtheory

The Lonely Snow Day:
At nine in the morning snow had started pouring down. The narrator had been at school for an hour and a half already. The weather reports that had been placed out had predicted snow, but not enough to close down the school for the day. Except it was starting to look like the weather reports were actually wrong. The narrator's and the class couldn’t help but wonder the same thing: Is school going to be cancelled? Will we be let out early? An announcement had gone out over the intercom speakers stating that “Ladies and gentlemen, it has been decided that students will be dismissed for the rest of the day. We are notifying your families. Those who take the bus home should proceed to their buses in twenty minutes. All others should wait for a parent or guardian to come take them home.” A big huge cheer arose from my class and as all the bus riders left to go pack up their bags, the narrator realized that the narrator’s dad is a surgeon and had a long important surgery today. After the bus riders left, the other kids got picked up by their families one by one. Only about a dozen kids from the whole school remained. Everyone had to wait in the cafeteria as the teachers started leaving. As the time went on, there was only five people left, the school was closing up and the remaining kids had to wait outside. Eventually, though, they all went home. As another hour passed, the narrator was the last one left. The dad was still at work and probably hadn't even had the chance to check the phone.