Topic: Elementary students enjoy comfort of special new seating arrangments

You won't find any boring tables or chairs in her classroom. Instead, there's a rainbow of comfy seats.
There are high and low tables to sit at. There is a couch at each end of the room. Bean bag chairs are spread across the floor. There are rocking chairs to slouch on and soft foam buoys, like the kind you might see on a boat. There are even cozy blankets to lie on. Gladstone-Lamas teaches at Anderson Elementary School in California. At the beginning of the year, she showed the new seats to her students. It was a major change from their old desks. She told the kids she was taking a "big risk."Gladstone-Lamas got the idea from the Google company. Google's offices don't have rows of desks and chairs. The company doesn't care if workers move around. Workers can sit or lie down wherever they want. All that matters to Google is that the work gets done. Gladstone-Lamas wanted to run her classroom that way.