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Turn on the dark
The author told a personal story that they had witnessed. The author grew up in a city, a place so full of streetlights, spotlights, and searchlights in which the sky was never dark enough to see the Milky Way. Except when the author went on a camping trip through the Grand Canyon he/she saw the night sky for the first time and were in awe. The author could not believe how many stars there were.AS the cities pushed farther out into the wilderness, they begin creating light pollution which lightens the night sky with artificial light sources. Not only does light pollution affect us from seeing the night stars, but it also affects the environment. Light pollution affects newly hatched sea turtles from finding the ocean as well as owls and birds may injure themselves by flying into lit buildings. We simply cannot turn off all the lights at night but we can reduce the amount we use. We could use motion sensors on outdoor lights, cities could turn off streetlights after midnight, and buildings should turn off their lights when they close for the day. This will help animals and the night sky restore its amazing glory.